Transfer of technologies and franchising


Dear Madam, Sir

Our organization comprises a group of companies:

  • Scientific Centre “Veritas”
  • Clinic “Healthy blood vessels”
  • Centre of innovative medical technologies.

Such a structure allows us to incorporate effectively clinical experience into the treatment process and neurorehabilitation for patients of all ages.

The basic principle of our work is objective instrumental diagnostics and treatment of health troubles identified by means of evidence-based approach.

With respect to future strategic plans we can offer the following areas and ways of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our main competence is the evidence-based diagnostics and monitoring of neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular diseases conducted on the grounds of our unique author`s technologies with implementation of analytical clinical and instrumental researches of disfunctioning of vascular system and medulla, in particular:

1) Vascular screening technology;

2) Brain main vessels monitoring system “anhio-markers”;

3) Neural monitoring technology;

4) Technology of therapy of main brain vessels .

Here we will describe briefly each of the above-mentioned technologies :

1-2. Vascular screening technology “anhiomarkers” of the brain is based on innovative approaches in the visual objectification of vascular optical disorders and ultrasonic methods, the main component of which is a unique analytical processing of the information received from clinical interpretation of the degree of vascular disorders.

  1. Methodology of neural monitoring technology is based on the analysis of clinical EEG analysis of dysfunction, disorders and subordination degree of desynchronization of brain neural networks. This technology allows us to estimate a state of brain and a role, which agents play in disregulation of the brain neuropsychiatric deficits in patients of all ages.

4 The fourth technology is the diagnostics and therapeutic process of instrumental monitoring and therapeutic management focused on evidence-based instrumental technology of vascular screening “anhiomarkers” and neurodynamic correction with feedback.

These achievements have been achieved by our Research Center during the past 18 years and they are protected by intellectual property patents.

What do these technologies provide?

Owing to the quality of our technologies, speed of achieving positive outcome by rehabilitation team increases by 4-5 times.

While being combined with treatment and neurorehabilitation, our technologies can be applied for children of 1-6 years, who suffer from psychophysical delayed development, autism, epilepsy, cerebral paralysis, and, as  aresuly they will need a month to make up for 2-5 months of the regabilitation process. Child development of 2-3 years with implementation of continuous long-term treatment allows to reach the age norm indicators.

Minimum program for preschoolers consists in restoration of all brain functions so that a child is unable to attend school for normal children.

The minimum program for ill children of school age and adult patients is to reach a level where they would be able to assure self-service and gradual vocational and social rehabilitation.

The maximum program is formation of a coherent identity for ill children and adult patients.

The list of nosologies, which we have treated successfully are presented herein below:


Possible ways of our cooperation:

1) Advisory diagnostics 1 per month for duration of 7-10 days.

2) Acquisition or transfer of diagnostic technologies.

3) Training of diagnostic technologies .

4) Builing a future rehabilitation team specialized in vascular technologies for  your hospital.


Kindly let us know, in which areas you are interested to collaborate so that we could send additional detailed information.

Best regards,

Acad., prof. Ulyana Lushchyk


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