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Istyna Scientific Methodical Medical Ultrasound Center was established for training doctors specializing in ultrasound diagnostics (USD). The main Center’s activity is development of medical ultrasound techniques   in order to objectivate vascular, cardio neurological, neurological, neurosurgical and mental diseases, obstetrics pathology.

Istyna is a unique scientific methodical and practical USD center due to the original methods of ultrasound scanning and dopplerography, USD-data clinical interpretation, pathogenetical approach of USD-doctor to the revealed changes treatment as well as worked out on their ground modern techniques for training in arterial and venous vessel beds USD.

Arterial and venous cerebrovascular pathology US diagnostics technique developed by Ulyana Lushchyk is the Center’s intellectual property. State Patent Office of Ukraine patented it under the title “Brain vessels state US diagnostics method”. Training program of the center was approved by Ministry of Healthcare in Ukraine.

The tendency to a considerable rejuvenation of acute cerebral circulation disturbances in able-bodied young people requires developing new diagnostic techniques and efficient treatment tactics. One of the most modern diagnostic techniques is brain vessels USD that started in 80s in neurology from major head arteries ultrasound dopplerography (USDG), which helped to examine blood flow in carotid and vertebral arteries’ extracranial segments as well as in a terminal branch of ophthalmic artery - supratrochlear artery. With the development of technical possibilities for electronic control of scanning ultrasound ray and detectors able to perform such scanning, appeared new methods for life-time visualization of carotid and vertebral artery as well as internal jugular vein, their walls pulsation and elasticity control, revealing of arteritis or atherosclerosis signs, aneurysm, hypoplasia, dystonia, pathological tortuosity, ansiformation, kink and stenosing process.

The transcranial USD (TC USD) which allows to investigate the blood flow changes in all cerebral arteries of carotid and vertebrobasilar zones, determine the level of their affection within segment and diagnose the cause of headaches, vertigo, noises in the ears and head, absent-mindness, memory disturbances and failing sight has gain a foothold for the last seven years.

USD technique has been used earlier for major head arteries stenosing affection diagnostics as the cause of atherosclerotic hypertonic discirculatory encephalopatia, ishemic cerebral circulation disturbances.

The specialists of Istyna Medical Ultrasound Center have developed an absolutely new venous cerebral bed state USD technique, which makes it possible to diagnose venous discirculation, intracranial hypertension and differentiate hemorrhagic, ishemic and tumorous insults genesis, which enables us to carry out on the basis of hemodynamical changes in precerebral and cerebral arterial and venous beds not only vascular ishemic affection differential diagnostics but subarachnoid and insults hematoma as well. Due to our USD technique of venous as well as arterial cerebral beds the range of USD application is nowadays widen for the investigation of vegetovascular dystonia pathogenesis, vertigo and syncopal states, epilepsy, cephalgia, closed craniocerebral injuries consequences, brain inflammation diseases, parkinsonism, different kinds of speech disturbances, arrest of psychomotor development in children, oligophrenia, depressive states, diencephalic syndrome.

Moreover, the personally worked-out approach to the interpreting of USD examination results helps to choose individually pathogenetically correct treatment, estimate its adequacy by injecting intravenously under the control of USD and observe treatment results. With the help of TC USD it is possible to predict the course of subarachnoidal hemorrhage and hemorrhagic insult, to control critical period of disease and operate if needed.

Recent researches have shown the great informativity of the method. The sensitivity of TC USD in cerebral dis-circulation diagnostics makes 98-100%, and specificity - 90-100% in occlusion, stenosing injuries, pathological stretches diagnosing. In comparison with the CT revealing of the focus, TC USD appeared to be more sensitive at the early period of insult.

At present stage it is necessary to introduce widely the technique mentioned into obstetrical practice, neonatology, paediatrics, neuropathology, psychiatry and neurosurgery, to provide clinics with modern ultrasound systems, that should be adequate to the specialisation of the clinic, to prepare neuropathologists for the work of cerebral vascular pathology US diagnostics doctors.

For everyone interested we offer 4 months training courses.

Training will be provided in the form that is as close as possible to the individual one - in groups of up to 5 people.

The course for elementary:

  • USD of vessels and soft head tissues, neck, upper and lower extremities (elementary course);
  • USD of brain extracranial vessels (elementary course);
  • USD of cerebral arteries and veins affection;
  • Neurosonography with cerebral vessels beds state estimation;
  • USD of upper and lower extremities vessels pathology;
  • USD of vascular pathology in internal organs;
  • USD in urology (vascular pathology);
  • USD in gynaecology and obstetrics (vascular system ‘’mother-placenta- fetus’’);
  • USD in orthopaedics (newborns and infants vascular pathology);
  • USD of supporting and motor system affection and injuries;

The course of subject training consists of 5 sections:

  1. Basic theoretical course (general and primary physical principles of ultrasound system’s work, theoretical fundamentals of USD).
  2. Methodical course (lectures, seminars and practical lessons, independent work with references) in one of the basis categories
  3. The basic practical course (diagnostics on the modern US equipment, and application of theoretical knowledge).

Practical acquaintance with USD techniques will be carried out in a laboratory with the most modern samples of USD. Performance attributes of the equipment enable us to carry out training during scheduled patients examination, to keep the USD archive of different pathologies for scientific work. Saving the images on video film or diskette makes it possible to use them for training the students, informing them about USD news, and also to master the up-to-date techniques of USD.

4. Final course (the techniques of visual observations results in interpretation and the registration of the medical conclusions at the working place under the control of an assistant.)

5. Examination of theoretical and practical skills with the delivery of certificates.

Training courses for improvers (next step after basic level):

  • US diagnostics of vascular channel in the brain with clinical interpretation
  • Technology of Blind Doppler for clinical intellectuals
  • Vascular screening technology (VST)
  • Angiomarker technology
  • Technology of evidential angiotherapy
  • Technology for restoration of blood supply to the brain, which provides effective psycho-neurorehabilitation and positive medical result


Groups are formed according to the preliminary application in the presence of the payment document. Please, inform us beforehand about your necessity in accommodation.

The date of commencement is set according to the mutual agreement.

Please arrive for courses in time and have by you a specification for your US apparatus (if any).


The centre guarantees annual posterior advanced training courses (50 % discount) for doctors, who have mastered one of our elementary courses and were practising during the year.


After training is over the students of our courses will have an opportunity to consult with the Center in difficult diagnostic cases personally or by online consulting.


 The centre invites doctors who are engaged or are going to be engaged in scientific researches for co-operation.

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