about acad., prof., MD Ulyana Lushchyk

Ulyana Lushchyk's competence:

Ulyana Lushchyk combines experience of practical doctor, scientist in medicine and innovative medical technologies, leader, lawyer and this enables her to work effectively in modern market conditions, where changes happen in all spheres of health protection and science.

Chief of investment-innovative projects in the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies since 2012 (www.angio-veritas.com).

She prepared and taught courses:

in vascular noninvasive diagnostics (USD of cerebral arteries and veins - patent from 1995),

vascular innovation technologies ( patents from 2003)

angioneurology and angiotherapy (patents from 2003);

in neurodynamics and evidence based neurorehabilitation (patents from 2003);

in medical technologies and medical instrument making (patents from 2003); 

in medical law  (since 2007);

in distanсe education (since 2013).

Ulyana  Lushchyk has gained proficiency as:

- a physician - neurologist of the highest category (2008);
- a functional diagnostician (EEG (electroencephalography), capillaroscopy, Echoencephalography, Ultrasound diagnostics of arteries and veins in the head, arteries and veins in upper and lower limbs, vascular ultrasound scanning of the human body);
- a physician -radiologist (USD of the thyroid gland, abdominal cavity organs, musculoskeletal system, organs of the small pelvis, CT-MRI of the brain and spine);
- a physician - organiser of public health care of 1st category (2007);
- a legal expert in the field of medical law.

In her practice Ulyana Lushchyk has mastered the following qualifications:
doctor – organiser of the Higher Category Health Care Protection (2011);
neurologist –higher category in neurology (2012) with knowledge in psychology, psychiatry. Individual multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation;
functional diagnostician (EEG, capillaroscopy, EchoEG, USDG of cerebral arteries and veins and upper and lower extremities arteries and veins, US-scanning of human vessels);
X-ray diagnostician(US diagnostics of thyroid gland, abdominal organs, locomotor system, small pelvis organs, CT-MRI of brain and spine);
lawyer -expert in medical law;
managing economist in organisation administration;
manager of scientific and investing-innovative projects.


She fluently speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English foreign languages, partially Polish, German, Arabic. 


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